Monday, September 20, 2004

Blogory in Seattle Times

Seattle Times reporter Kim Peterson chimes in on the web feeds scaling debate. After a high level introduction to RSS and some of the scaling issues with web feeds, the article includes a nice mention of Blogory:
    Seattle-based is offering what Chief Executive Greg Linden says is the next-generation RSS reader. The Web-based service, called Blogory, collects RSS feeds into a massive pool and sends its users individual snippets to read, based on the history of what they've read. Users don't have to subscribe to individual feeds.

    RSS feeds are popular with early adopters and news junkies, Linden said, but the technology may not become as widely used as some have predicted.

    "Other people don't really have the time to set up an RSS reader, hunt down these feeds and copy and paste (them) into a reader, which is exactly the problem that Findory is trying to solve," he said.
To be clear, Blogory is trying to solve two problems, ease of use and relevance. We make reading blogs trivially easy. Just read articles, we find the weblogs for you. And, we provide focus. We filter out irrelevant posts and help you find interesting articles you would otherwise miss.

See also my earlier posts ([1] [2]) on RSS scaling issues.

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