Friday, September 24, 2004

Looking for something to blog about?

So, you've started your own blog. Great. Now you just need something interesting to write about. No, not about you. Please, nobody cares about that curious thing you found stuck in your teeth this morning. People read blogs for interesting information and, hate to break it to you, but you really aren't that interesting.

So what do you write about? You need some way of discovering interesting news. Not the mainstream stuff that you see on every news site with an AP feed. You need to dig deep and find something people haven't seen.

Well, good friends, Blogory is just the ticket. Read a few weblog articles on it and it'll help you discover weblog articles you'd otherwise never have seen. Give it a whirl. Just what you need for inspiration.

We at Findory eat our own dog food. We use Findory and Blogory all day long every day. We came up with so much interesting news that we created a new blog, Findory Finds, to capture some of those goodies.

So, give Findory and Blogory a try. Discover just how much news you're missing.

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