Friday, September 17, 2004

MS Research reorgs around search

Mary Jo Foley reports on a reorganization at Microsoft Research that appears to be emphasizing search technology:
    It is not just the product teams at Microsoft that are focusing heavily on search. The Microsoft Research unit is doing so, as well.

    Microsoft Research (MSR) recently reorganized its Redmond labs by creating four new research teams. A text mining, search and navigation team is prominent among the newly minted groups. At the same time, MSR Asia ... created a handful of new research teams. Among them: A Web search and mining team.

    The Redmond text mining/search team will be "a new hub for search," [Kevin] Schofield [GM at MSR] said. "And our investment in this area will only grow. That's where the industry is headed."
[Thanks, Gary Price, for pointing out the article]

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