Friday, September 10, 2004

Too many Microsoft blog feeds

Scoble complains that aggregating all of the 1300 feeds of Microsoft bloggers, as it is currently, "doesn't seem like a great idea (and the RSS bandwidth problems seem to bear that out)." But, he says, individual feeds have many disadvantages too, including harder discovery, worse bandwidth issues, and overwhelming your weblog reader:
    One person, one feed, seems like the best idea (particularly when joined with services like pubsub, feedster, and technorati), but means that discovering bloggers gets harder ... [and] the bandwidth problem is still there, only worse, cause now everyone will subscribe to 1300 feeds instead of only one.

    Added into the mix is that my news aggregator of choice, NewsGator, gets very slow when you go over 1000 separate feeds. So, I'm not going to be adding a whole bunch into the mix.
Scoble, take a look at Blogory, Findory's personalized weblog reader. It helps you discover new feeds, aggregates thousands of feeds and helps you find and focus on interesting weblog articles in those feeds, and caches to reduce bandwidth costs. Isn't this exactly what you need?

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