Saturday, February 05, 2005

Ask Jeeves buying Bloglines?

Mary Hodder claims Ask Jeeves is buying Bloglines, official announcement apparently coming on Monday Tuesday.

Bloglines is one of the most popular and highly reviewed feed readers. However, there was some question about whether Bloglines could survive independently in an increasingly crowded space, especially as Yahoo, MSN, Mozilla, Apple, and others start integrating feed readers into their products.

[via Steve Rubel]

Update: It's true. The announcement on the official Bloglines weblog, the press release, and press coverage. Kudos and congratulations to Mark Fletcher!

Update: Jim Lanzone (SVP, Ask Jeeves) gives some details. Mark Fletcher (CEO, Bloglines) promises to keep building Bloglines, including integrating the Teoma search engine into Bloglines blog search.

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