Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Alex Edelman has the scoop on Findory's nifty new visualization tool, Findory Neighbors. It allows readers to quickly and easily discover related weblogs and news sources.

Here's the neighborhoods for Geeking with Greg, Micro Persuasion, ResourceShelf, and Daily Kos. Try clicking around!

Much thanks to John Battelle for the inspiration for Findory Neighbors.

Update: Comments on Findory Neighbors by Gary Price, John Battelle, Nathan Weinberg, Rob Schluter, Rex Hammock, Niall Kennedy, and Carrick Mundell. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and great feedback.

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Andrej Gregov said...

Tres cool Greg. One thing I noticed is that it's kind of hard to get to a web site you discover in a neighborhood. Clicking on any of the sims takes you to more sims for the blog you clicked on. From a sim surfing perspective, that's perfect. But after I discover a new blog, I want to visit it. Perhaps you could add some small (Go!) or (Go there!) link right next to each sim. It might look something like GEEKING WITH GREG (Go!). Clicking on your website makes that the source and displays blog sims to Geeking with Greg. Clicking on the "go" link takes you to directly to the website. Just an idea. AG