Wednesday, February 09, 2005

CNet's new feed reader

Steve Rubel reports that CNet is about to launch its own feed reader, Newsburst. Welcome to the club, CNet.

There's already integrated feed readers in Firefox, My Yahoo, and My MSN. Ask Jeeves now has Bloglines. CNet will have Newsburst. Oh, wait, there's more, hundreds of other RSS readers, all fairly similar. There's even several newspapers trying to offer their own feed readers.

The products are largely indistinguishable. Launching undifferentiated products into a crowded space is futile. With giants like My MSN, My Yahoo, and Firefox already major players, the world doesn't need yet another feed reader.

What the world needs is innovation. Solve the problems ([1] [2]) with current feed readers. Come up with new ways to read news. Help people find what they need.

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