Saturday, March 19, 2005

Findory on CNBC

We heard that Findory was mentioned on CNBC a few days ago. Fun! That's the first TV coverage for our personalized news site.

We've had radio coverage on KPLU and KOMO. We've had press coverage in the Seattle PI, Seattle Times, San Jose Mercury News, Slate, Searcher Magazine, the Puget Sound Business Journal. More details and links to many of the articles are available on our press page.

We're also thrilled by the positive reaction we've received from the weblog community. Hundreds of weblogs have talked about Findory and what we're building. Thanks, everyone!


Nathan Weinberg said...

In what context did you get mentioned?

Oh, and congrats!

Greg Linden said...

Apparently, it was a brief mention. We were first in a list of a few sites to use to read weblogs. Not much detail, but still nice to get a mention on a national TV news show.