Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bloggers talking about Findory

We at Findory have been thrilled by the reaction we've gotten from the blogging community to our site. I wanted to highlight some of the blog postings we've noticed lately:

Brian Dennis at New Media Hack proclaimed the "Daily Me is here" and that "people will lock onto sources out in the long tail."

John Battelle at Searchblog praised our pace of innovation, saying that Findory "keeps on truckin'" by "very often" announcing "cool new features".

Gary Price at Search Engine Watch writes about Findory frequently ([1] [2] [3]), most recently saying, "It seems like every week or so Findory launches a new service."

On seeing Findory's related sources, Steve Rubel said, "Looks like Rex Hammock and I are separated at birth."

Rex Hammock responded: "Someone much smarter than I can speculate what algorithm causes that to happen. Whatever it is, it makes perfect sense to me as we discovered each other through our blogs and have since become friends and even got together for lunch recently when I was in New York."

Nathan Weinberg at InsideGoogle called Findory "a powerful, smart news site". Nathan even went as far as to say, "I think I can now replace Google with Findory for [some] searches." since Findory "'just works', and works far better than anything out there."

Cindy Chick at Law Lib Tech said: "Personalization obviously has a lot of advantages in a many different areas. Personalization is what Amazon uses to display other items that might interest you, and it's what Findory uses to give you the news that you want to read."

Thanks, everyone! We're glad you're enjoying Findory!


Nathan Weinberg said...

The fact is, when I used to be bored and want to post something, I went to Google News. Now, I use Findory. I'm surprised to discover Findory is a great source for more info on a story I'm already writing about. I can type the topic in and find blogs with additional info. Findory may be excellent on its own, but its an even better tool for bloggers.

Greg Linden said...

Thanks, Nathan! Glad Findory is working well for you!