Thursday, November 04, 2004

Topix and Citysearch

Rich Skrenta announces a partnership between and Citysearch. is a news aggregator with a deep browse hierarchy. For example, you can find news on asthma, not just health news, or news on nanotechnology, not just tech/science news. They have local news sections even for very small cities. And they have RSS feeds for everything. It's worth checking out.

There's a good write up on SiliconBeat about the deal and

Gary Price points out that has been on a deal-making spree lately, announcing deals with Yahoo,, and Ask Jeeves in addition to Citysearch. Citysearch has also been making deals lately. They just announced they're powering part of local search for Ask Jeeves.

As Google, MSN, and Yahoo increasingly move into local search (including providing merchant reviews), there's going to be a lot of competition for smaller local search players. But there's also a lot of opportunity.

Update: makes yet another deal, this one with Dogpile, a metasearch engine.

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