Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Et tu, TiVo?

TiVo will stop skipping past advertisers. As you would expect, reaction to this has been negative. Musing on Technology calls the move "customer-uncentric". BoingBoing says, "Time to build a MythTV."

This comes on top of restrictions on moving recordings made with TiVo and restrictions on recording of pay-per-view shows. Alternatives to TiVo, such as MythTV and Surestream's Beyond TV have no such limitations.

Yet another disappointing business move by TiVo.

See also my earlier post, "Will somebody please fix TiVo Suggestions?"

Update: Scott Johnson (VP of Engineering at Feedster) rails against TiVo and says there's a business opportunity here for someone who builds the PVR that people want.

Update: Interesting new twist on this. PVRblog cites a CBS study that says that people fast forwarding through commercials actually have a higher recall rate than people watching it normally. The counterintuitive result is probably because people fast forwarding are paying close attention to the screen.

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