Thursday, November 18, 2004

Google, Glog, and G-nius

The Motley Fool writes about Google's track record of innovation.

In addition to coining some odd words like "g-nius" and "glog", the article has an interesting piece on Google AdWords and AdSense:
    In 2003, Google derived 97% of its revenues from advertising.

    Google's simple text-based ad results often segue so well with the search that they can hold actual interest for the user. Even the most grudging critic probably has to acknowledge that there was a time when he or she clicked on one of Google's ads because of its relevance to their interests.

    Relevance. That's where Google's got it down, especially with its AdWords and AdSense programs.
See also my earlier post, "Bringing sense to web advertising".

[via Andy Beal]

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