Monday, November 01, 2004

A new Findory launched a major design this Halloween weekend, all without any scares.

Using Findory is as easy as ever -- just read articles and Findory builds a newspaper just for you -- and our new features make it even easier to find the information you want. Some highlights of what's new:
  • Home page: A new home page, built just for you, with everything in one place.
  • News and blogs: We merged Findory News and Blogory into one site. The home page has all your top stories, both from the mainstream media and from independent weblog authors, right there for you to read. All part of helping you find the news you'd otherwise miss.
  • Web search: Web search right on your Findory home page. Quick and easy, like it should be.
  • Search history: We remember your previous web, news, or blog web searches and make it easy for you to go back and find something again.
  • More feeds: We expanded our selection of RSS feeds. Now there's even more ways to read Findory.
  • More by e-mail: Just like with news, you can now get your personalized top blog articles by e-mail every morning. Delivered right to you just like your morning paper.
In addition, our entire infrastructure changed. New webservers, new database servers, new databases, new build boxes, new development boxes, and a new HTML delivery engine. It's all shiny and new. As it should be, no one ever saw our mess.

We're proud of the new Findory. Try it out. Read a few articles. Play with it a bit. I think you'll be surprised to see how much interesting news you've been missing every day.

1 comment:

Derek said...

Good switch over. I barely noticed the difference.

And I think folding in the Blogs was a good move. I tried the blog page last week before the change and I didn't think it held up on its own.

So now I just have to wonder what the business model is going to be?

(As a entrepreneur I'm always keeping an eye on where the revenue is eventually supposed to come from.)