Monday, November 29, 2004

Personalized news and blog search

Less than two weeks ago, Findory launched personalized web search.

Today, Findory launched personalized news and blog search.

Want to try it? Read a few news or blog articles on Findory, then do a news or blog search for something related to some of the articles you read.

For example, if you read the Wired article "Google Treads on Microsoft's Turf" through Findory, then do a news search for "desktop search", you'll see some of the articles will be marked with our orange personalized icon. Clicking on the icon will explain why the article was recommended.

As with our personalized web search, our personalized news and blogs search is a first step. As we learn more about how to help people find what they need, we'll begin to make more dramatic changes to the search results.

Personalized search is the future. We at Findory are excited to be part of it.


Steve Rubel said...

Greg, this is great. What about RSS though? Can you RSS-enable these searches?

Greg Linden said...

Great suggestion, Steve! We do have publishing news and blog search results as RSS feeds prototyped, but we haven't put it into production yet. Should be out soon!

Thanks again, Steve.