Thursday, December 16, 2004

Blinkx TV

Blinkx announces their new search for TV clips called Blinkx TV. More information on their About page.

A search for "Jon Stewart" turns up a number of mentions of the Daily Show host on several news programs (but no clips of the Daily Show). Fun and probably useful for some.

Blinkx's core technology is implicit search, finding information you need automatically without you. I'd assume the idea behind their TV search is to automatically surface TV clips if they're relevant to your current task.

For example, if you're reading a web page on RSS, perhaps they would surface some relevant video clips of news programs talking about RSS. It's a very hard problem, but it'd be pretty cool if they can do it right.

Google supposedly is also working on TV search, but it's still vaporware.

[via Search Engine Journal]

Update: Gary Price says Blinkx has always had video search and that the only thing new here is the standalone web interface. I didn't realize that.

Gary also describes the search, which does search the transcript of the TV broadcast, and points out some other small tools that do something similar.

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