Friday, December 17, 2004

Business model for Bloglines

Eric Peterson (Jupiter Research) posts about Bloglines' plan for advertising:
    "AdWords on Steroids" ... Any article or feed I'm interested in [has] content that can be mined and transformed into relevant pay-per-click advertising.

    While Google and Overture sell advertising based on a limited number of keywords, the content in feeds is rich with information that can be mined to laser-target the advertising.

    [Bloglines CEO Mark Fletcher] commented that the aggregate of subscriptions could also be mined to provide additional inventory, e.g., if I subscribe to Engadget and Gizmodo there is A) a strong chance I am a personal technology person and B) I am probably subscribed to other blogs that are gadget-relevant.

    Mark's idea makes sense and is a better idea than injecting advertisements into my feeds.
There is a lot of rich data here. There is an opportunity to do well-targeted, relevant, useful, and unobtrusive advertising. We at Findory are planning something similar for our advertising engine.

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