Friday, December 24, 2004

In 2005, search becomes personal

Alfred Hermida at the BBC writes about personalized web search:
    For all these advances, search is still a clumsy tool, often failing to come up with exactly what you had in mind.

    In order to do a better job, search engines are trying to get to know you better, doing a better job of remembering, cataloguing and managing all the information you come across.

    "Personalisation is going to be a big area for the future," said [Marketing Director at Yahoo] Yonca Brunini.

    "Whoever cracks that and gives you the information you want is going to be the winner. We have to understand you to give you better results that are tailored to you."

    This is perhaps the Holy Grail of search, understanding what it is you are looking for and providing it quickly.
[via Findory]

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