Wednesday, December 01, 2004

We're on a roll!

Findory has grown tremendously in the last month:

Personalized Search: We're the first commercial search engine to modify web search results in real-time based on the searcher's behavior. Our changes are modest for now, but will increase over the coming months. Our News and Blogs search engine is also personalized.

New Look: Our redesigned website combines Findory News and Blogory, making it easy for you to keep up with current events.

Source Pages: Now every news source and blog has its own page. This makes it easy to find recently published articles. Our readers are also using it to discover related articles and explore related sources.

Search History: Findory keeps track of all your web, news, and blog searches in one convenient place, so you can easily retrace your steps.

Fountains of Feeds: Findory content, both personalized and unpersonalized, is now accessible from 44 categorized RSS feeds.

Findory Blogs by E-mail: Weblog headlines are now available as a daily e-mail delivery, alongside Findory News daily e-mails.

Last but not least, just today we launched My Recent Sources, a new feature which makes it easy for you to keep track of what news and blog sources you've been reading.

We're so pleased by the positive reaction to all our hard work. In the last month, traffic to Findory more than doubled! Thanks to all our readers for using our service and providing valuable feedback.

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