Thursday, December 23, 2004

Smart aggregation

Mike Davidson posts on the need for smart aggregators:
    Information overload. It’s the next big issue in publishing, and technology in general.

    With the internet still growing and changing at such a rapid rate, the raw amount of information your brain processes will see a huge increase ... The flow of information into our lives is only going up and our free time is only going down ...

    The key to our information gathering lives is all about smart aggregation. The days of media companies deciding what’s on your "front page" are numbered. Within five years, I believe customizable newsreader technology ... will be as prevalent as the web is right now.
[via The Shifted Librarian]


Nathan Weinberg said...

Someone should tell him that Findory is a pretty smart aggregator.

Say, is it possible to build Findory's technology into a website? You know licensing it to others so they can create smart pages based on their content and user history?

Greg Linden said...

Hi, Nathan. Sure, it's possible. We've had several inquiries into this kind of licensing.

We also share our content and personalization with other websites through Inline Findory and our RSS feeds.