Saturday, December 18, 2004

Unfortunate AdWords

El Cogote discovered Amazon, eBay, and others running silly ads on Google for many terms.

For example, a search for "misfortune" brought up an eBay affiliate ad that said, "Find it on eBay! Misfortune and much more."

It's easy to play this game with other terms. I just did a search for "fraudulent" and got an eBay affiliate ad saying:
    Low prices and huge selection!

[via Xeni Jardin]

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Mike Taylor - said...

Hi Greg,

I couldn't agree more that these type of ads are cluttering up space and making it more expensive for genuine advertisers to get a high adwords postion.

I attended a Google University session in London a couple of months ago and this very subject came up.

Advertisers were complaining about these type of adverts which add absolutely nothing to the user experience.

It also looks as if Google is running ads that don't make a lot of sense gramatically.

With Google spending a lot of time on their web site explaining to an advertiser the right and wrong way to write a Google Ad it doesn't look as if they follow their own advice with auto generated adverts that simply don't make sense!


Mike Taylor